OwlGalunggung News Department has been Launched

by Dian

We are pleased to inform you the general availability of news sites section for OwlGalunggung news department. This is part of OwlGalunggung website projects led by Santi, and it can be used by the OwlGalunggung team to create, publish and maintain their own notes, stories, blog or news related to OwlGalunggung projects in general and particularly works of the team.

The backend works are completely stable and fast. I collaborate with Santi, Sindu and Aldi on the execution of ideas. We use XML and JSON file format to serve and store contents that does not require any kind of databases. The frontend premises are based on Santi's works though it is still in a dialectic process to compromise.

OwlGalunggung news department site is built for its multi-user capabilities, which is very easy to set up multiple users including administrators, editors, contributors or cutomize any other type of users. The content code editor supports any kind of content file format including Markdown and HTML code, also supports WYSIWYG editor. The OwlGalunggung news API is built to provide an easy integration that can retrieve or update data with just an HTTP request.

It's very possible to extend OwlGalunggung news site software as a website/portal software that can be used or developed by anybody but it's not our main concern for now, and it's not in the direction of OwlGalunggung projects for now so we kept this. Probably the source code will be available on my public repository in the next time if later we change the decision and we ready to support this.