OwlGalunggung 2.1.2 is now Available!

by Santi

This release is about bug fix addressing on a bug introduced into 2.1.1 which affects Windows platforms. We also added .zip archive file format for source package in addition to the usual .tar.gz source package. On the other hand, OwlGalunggung 2.1 series are coming really soon. Due to the short timeline, we'd like to inform you that only policy related features will be merged to 2.1.2. Pull requests which have been previously merged to the existing 2.1.1 branch will be evaluated for inclusion in this release as well. If you'd like to help improve OwlGalunggung art images you can make a difference! You can find more about this gallery on Gallery page. Stay updated this page on the latest project news and important announcements from OwlGalunggung.