Owlgalunggung Features

Overview of the most outstanding features

In-line Reference

Move your mouse over a function name or tag name for various programming and scripting languages.

Syntax Highlighting

Pretty codes for every mode of language. Highlighting matching block start and end markers (both brackets and tags).

Code completion

Auto-completion and auto-tag-closing for many programming languages, with function reference information.

Multiple Files Interface

Owl can work with mutiple files and easily open 700+ document files, tested over 10000 files simultaneously.

Multiple Project

Owl enables you to work efficiently on multiple projects, and automatically restores settings for each project.

Advanced Search

Owl has very powerful find and replace, with support for Perl's regex, sub-pattern replacing, and find in files.

Snippets Sidebar

Specify custom dialogs, search and replace patterns or insert patterns and bind them to a shortcut key to speed up your process

Script Integration

Integrate other packages such as make, lint, weblint, xmllint, tidy, javac, or your own script to handle advanced text processing.

Filter Intergarion

Integrate external filters of your liking, pipe your document (or just the current selected text) through sort, sed, awk or any custom script


Owl can recover automatically af any changes in any modified documents after a computer crash, kill or shutdown.

Language Support

Include in-line references, code block folding, block highlighting for start/end markers, autocompletion, auto-tag-closing, etc.

Multiple Encodings

Owl works internally with UTF8, but you can save documents in any encoding, or add/remove any encodings in menu.

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Owl is licensed under GNU GPL v3. By downloading and using Owl, you agree to the license terms.