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Lightweight Code Editor with Rich Features

Everything you would expect.

In-line Reference

Move your mouse over a function name or tag name for various programming and scripting languages.

Syntax Highlighting

Pretty codes for every mode of language. Highlighting matching block start and end markers (both brackets and tags).

Code completion

Auto-completion and auto-tag-closing for many programming languages, with function reference information.

Beautiful GUI

allowing you to expand quickly.

Snippets Sidebar

Custom dialogs, search and replace patterns. You can insert patterns and bind them to a shortcut key combination.

Encodings Support

Owl supports multiple encodings, works internally with UTF8, but can save your documents in any encoding.


Get faster and smarter context-aware auto-completion, code navigations, go to definition and find all references.

Find and Replace

Advanced find and replace, with support for compatible regex, sub-pattern replaces, and find and replace in files.

More Screenshots

Some Features of Owlgalunggung.

Screenshot with minimal pane

To customize the toolbar view and pane view, click on the View menu at the top and check the toolbar you want to view.

Screenshot with main toolbar

The main toolbar consists the iconic menus including creating new file, opening files, save files, cut, copy, paste, etc.

Screenshot with output pane

Output pane located at the bottom consisting the informations about the filename, line and the output of a current file.

Screenshot with statusbar

Owl's statusbar lies at the bottom, indicates language being used, size of document, current line and column, current character encoding, etc. .

Screenshot with main HTML toolbar

This toolbar shows the quick access menus to any HTML document formats and elements so you can easily control the HTML formatting.

Screenshot with snippets menu

Snippets menu shows the quick access menu to any often used programming language located under the HTML toolbar.

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Owl is licensed under GNU GPL v3. By downloading and using Owl, you agree to the license terms.